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Our Goals
     All of the members have one thing in common and that is the preservation of the often forgotten lighthouses. For hundreds of years men and women have lived in various structures and towers during some of the most atrocious weather conditions, in order to ensure the mariner had a light to guide them safely past dangerous outcrops and submerged rock formations.
We also respect the engineers who designed these navigational aids, plus the numerous and in most cases unrecorded builders who braved seemingly impossible conditions to establish these lighthouses in the first place.
No matter what country these lights may shine from they all have a single purpose, and that is the preservation of everyone who sails upon the sea. For this reason the Lighthouses of United Kingdom Club is open to anyone who has the same thoughts of conservation and preservation of their historical heritage.
The views of all members are always respected, with a clear understanding that we are nonpolitical in every respect.
Our membership is an unwritten agreement, yet completely adhered to. This is that anyone no matter what class, colour, creed or religion, is welcome. Also we do not try to sell you anything, although there is the offer of joining our Book Club. Funds raised from these sales allows us to continue our research and to update this archive.

Compiled by the Founder