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Similar to the other search programmes, just click on a letter to find those special International Friends and Guests.
Also remember that every site suggested for entry into the Encyclopedia has been viewed. A brief summary is given about each Guest's pages.

So why not send in your details and have your site added for FREE?

Please enjoy our Special Collection of Friends.

 Barry Hawkins Lighthouse Art (UK)

 Paul 'The Baitman' Bettencourt's Shell Art (USA)

 Button Designs (USA)

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 Desmond Sythes (UK)

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 Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping (USA)
                     (Neil's Pages)

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 Janeyzee's Lighthouse Pages (USA)

 John Henry Anglin's Art Pages (USA)

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 Keepers Jim & Sherrie (USA)

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 Lighthouse Heaven  (USA)

 Lighthouse Heritage (USA)

 The Lighthouse Shoppe (USA)

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 Morgan Videos (UK)

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 New York Lighthouse Photos (USA)

 North American Lighthouses F. Kohli (USA)

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 Roger Bansemer's Art Gallery (USA)

 Rod Watson's Photograph Studio (USA)

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 Sandra's Lighthouses of America (USA)

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 Terry's Lighthouse Webring (USA)

 Tina's Lighthouses (USA)
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