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The purpose of this encyclopedia is to provide a comprehensive, yet brief listing of data associated with lighthouses. Where ever possible the builders, designers, engineers, keepers, Lighthouse Authorities, Inventors and Trusts or Preservation Clubs and Societies have been included.
However with so much data coming in all the time it is impossible to state that every snippet of information is recorded.
Help from club members and other organizations must be acknowledged for their assistance in preparing this mammoth project.
One of the most versatile aspects of this encyclopedia is that it can be up dated at any time and it is free for who ever wishes to carry out their research.
We do ask that anyone who utilizes these facilities clearly notes that the contents have been compiled after many years research. Also that we state our claim to the Copyright of this written data (in its form in this encyclopedia), under Section 77 of the Designs and Patents Act 1988.
All photos remain the Copyright of the owner and written details can be supplied on request as to the identity of the person concerned.