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Authors/Titles Alphabetical
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    Author                                  Title                                                          

 Allardyce, Kei          Scotland's Edge Revisited                  

 Baren, Maurice      How Household Names Began          

 Batchelor, Joh       North American Lighthouses C             

 Bathurst, Bell     Lighthouse Stevensons        
    Boer, G De      History of the Spurn Lighthouse                        

    Boyle, Martin       Needles Point                                              

    Boyle, Martin       Portland Bill                                                

    Boyle, Martin       Lighthouses: Four Countries-One Aim                   

   Boyle, Martin      Lighthouses: To Light Their Way                   

    Boyle, Martin       Eddystone                                                    

   Boyle, Martin       Bishop Rock                                                
    Boyle, Martin       Skerries                                                       

    Boyle, Martin       Wolf Rock                                                   

    Boyle, Martin       Longships                                                   

    Boyle, Martin      Smalls Rock                                              
    Boyle, Martin      Pendeen                                                    
    Boyle, Martin      Beachy Head                                             

    Boyle, Martin      Light in the Darkness                             

    Boyle, Martin      Lizard Point                                            
    Brittany -      North Finistere :                                            

 Caravan, Jill      American Lighthouses : A Pic                    
 Chadwick, Lee      Lighthouses & Lightships                      

 Checkland, Oli      Britain's Encounter with Mei          

 Curtis, Bill       Lighthouses of Fleetwood : A                      

 Dean, Love      Lighthouses of Hawaii                             

 Eagle, John       Eagle's View of Irish Lighthouses                           

 Fodor, Eugene,        Cancun, Cozumel, Yucatan Pen    

 Gast, Robert D       Lighthouses of the Chesapeak           

    Gibbs, Jim        Lighthouses of the Pacific                         

    Gibbs, Jim      Twilight on the Lighthouses                         

    Gleason, Sarah       Kindly Lights : History of t                         

 Grant, John     Legendary Lighthouses                                  

 Hague, D B       Lighthouses                                                        

    Hague, D B     Lighthouses of Wales: Their                             

    Holland, F Ros      Great American Lighthouses                 

    Holland, F Ros        America's Lighthouses : An I               

    Hyde, Charles      Northern Lights : Lighthouse              

 International Lighthouses of the World                    

 Jones, Kenneth, Sutton-       To Safely Guide Their Way                     

 Jones, Ray       California Lighthouses                                          

 Jones, Ray       Eastern Great Lakes Lighthouses                             

 Jones, Ray      New England Lighthouses                                    

  Jones, Ray       Pacific Northwest Lighthouse                        

 Long, Bill     Bright Light, White Water :                                  

    Long, Bill      Bright Light, White Water :                              

    Lowry, Shannon        Northern Lights: Tales of Al                    

 Marriot, Leo     Lighthouses                                                           

    Museums and Galleries in Great Britain and Ireland                                              

 Nicholson, Christopher      Rock Lighthouses of Britain                      

    Noble, Dennis     Lighthouses and Keepers: US                       

 Pearson, Lynn     Lighthouses

 Roberts, Elizabeth     They All Lived in A Lighthouse                                                    

 Roberts, Bruce      Gulf Coast Lighthouses : Flo                       

    Roberts, Bruce      Southeastern Lighthouses: Ou                    

    Roberts, Bruce       Southern Lighthouses                               

    Roberts, Bruce      Western Great Lakes Lighthou                   

    Roberts, Bruce       Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses                              

 Sharp, Eric W     Lighthouses of the Channel I                           



    Swallow, Sarah      Kinnaird Head

 Tarrant, Michael     Trinity House: The Super Silent Service                                              

 Thurston, Harr     Against Darkness and Storm :                       

 Williams, Haro      Southern Lights : Lighthouse                        

    Wilson, Bryce       Lighthouses of Orkney: Exhib                        

    Woodman, Richa       Ebb Tide                                                            

    Woodman, Richa        Ebb Tide                                                          

    Woodman, Richa        Ebb Tide                                                        

    Woodman, Richa        Cruise of the Commissioner